P. L. McCall II is a Writer and the Owner of PLMII Studios, a multimedia company located in South Florida.

He is the creator of the “Grace Flynn Chronicles” and “Ing the Viking”. PLMII Studios publishes an ongoing Fantasy Anthology “Penny and Dime” which publishes new INDIE Authors.


This “4 Hour” (ONLINE) creative writing workshop, with P. L. McCall II, that focuses on creating new material for your next writing project.

P. L. McCall II’s workshop is an exciting and effective creative jumpstart for your next writing project, P. L. McCall II has launched the careers of over 50+ Indie Authors through mentoring and creative workshops. This workshop is open to writers of all genres and levels – it simply works for everyone, who has the will to write!

1. Reignite your passion for own writing

2. Connect with other writers in across the globe

3. Learn how to create, publish and promote your books.

What is the Agenda?
- Course will cover P. L. McCall II’s creative writing theory: “3 Aspects of Creative Writing”
- How to finish your novel
- How to publish your novel
- How to promote your novel

What is required for the workshop?
- A pen and notebook
- Your passion for writing
- A Laptop / Computer with audio visual connectivity to join the online workshop.  

Who Can Join?
Anyone interested in creative writing.

Cost: $20 USD
Length:  4hrs.